What to Expect From This Agency

Down-to-earth counsel, reliable execution, international outreach.

We firmly believe that company news, like other precious assets, require thorough planning and management. Key tools include:
  • A strategic message platform based on company business plan
  • An IR and communications strategy
  • A 1 to 2 year news flow calendar, regularly maintained
  • A clear internal process for identification, verification, and approval of news / announcements
  • Support in turning facts and technical jargon into consistent messages that resonate with investors and other more generalist target groups
Most of the above is pretty obvious. But a "“strategic message platform"?

Well, in quality management one principle is set in stone – "if it’s not in writing, it doesn’t exist". The same rigor makes sense when it comes to presenting a company: It is surprisingly difficult to summarize one’s own business in a brief, meaningful statement.

Who are we? What exactly do we do? What is our product, our technology, our market … ?

And how many companies actually have that famous 30-second "elevator pitch" in place?

A short, concise statement rarely comes off the cuff.

Have a look our tool-box!

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